Web Design for Academia

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Web Design for Educational Interface, Software, and Platforms

In New York City and other urban areas, more and more children are learning though an iPad and other smart tablets,  not chalkboards. This makes traditional delivery of lessons almost primitive. Distance learning has also become a preferred mode of acquiring knowledge by many because of the convenience and freedom it offers. This goes to show that providing education has gone digital and virtual, and the industry must learn to adapt to succeed in the next decade.

How Syntelex Helps

Our team has experience in working with online educational portals, software, and building simple website for educational mentors or tutors.  We assist  in helping entrepreneurs and individuals in the educational field improve teaching and learning  through using custom based websites specifically tailored in helping people students and academic professionals connect. There are applications, academic suites and other tools and services that can be integrated to a school’s system to deliver a more student-centric service. Our team can lend a hand by providing premium education website design services!