Social Networking

Social Networking  usually goes hand in hand with startups seeking to provide services online. There are 3 most commons types  of social networks:

  • Community based social networks – like Facebook, Twitter,  and Myspace.
  • Social networks which consists of diverse customer communities and resemble websites like Ebay and Amazon which are commonly called Extranets
  • Social networks which connect employees with each other such as Salesforce and Zoh0, known as Intranets.

Finding Your Perfect List of Investors, Accelerators, or Venture Capital Firms

Finding the right investors may be a hassle, especially when you don’t have a list to start off with. At time, connecting with the right investor and getting an investment may require a referral from a close friend or business that believes in your...
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Mobile Application Acquired by Facebook & Sells for Billions

Facebook… What seems like a simple mobile application is being acquired by Facebook for 19 Billion Dollars. Backed with 30 engineers, and founded by a  regular  first generation American from Ukraine- this  is yet another example of a success...
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Alternative Work Strategies for Startups – Affordable Co-working Spaces in New York

One of our start-ups just recently decided to transition form a professional spacious office, to an affordable co-working space in New York City. They realized that as a start-up they needed to be in an environment where they could connect with other...
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NYC Business Innovation Challenge- Chance To Win Up To 125,000 Dollars

Aside from all the news about Facebook becoming more mobile, and the news in New York about Bloomberg considering a software that would allow real-time monitoring of taxis- A more enthralling innovation has come to light with the intention of helping...
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