Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are now playing a major role in driving traffic to websites and at the same time creating value for brands and businesses.

Harnessing the Power of Marketing

The power of internet marketing remains unequaled and will be the driving force behind creating client engagement and higher revenues for companies.

Building Your Online Reputation

Our team helps brands and companies  build an online reputation that surpasses that of their competitors through the use of web design and development best practices that ensure you are engaging your most valued customers both professionally and socially.

Our Team  Provides a Face to the Many Campaigns That Run Successfully

Some of the services that we offer to New York City startup businesses include  social media management and optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the effective management of B2B transactions, and content development for content marketing needs.

Once you contact us and provide us with an idea of the kind of engagement you seek online with your clients and stakeholders, our marketing team will schedule a consultation meeting to set out the objectives of your online platform including the benchmarks that you can use to confirm that you are getting the results you expect. Most web development projects go through a cyclical project life cycle which begins with setting SMART goals, outlining the expected results, scheduling testing and user feedback periods for the website and more.

Our Dedication to Quality Marketing Means That Our Clients Meet Their Objectives Within the Shortest Time from Launch

We also use industry best practices to deliver highly scalable and robust websites, and include on-page Search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your website receives traffic and converts more for better bottom lines. Our team is  your brand for the long haul ensuring that you can iterate changes to various aspects of your user experience so that your clients are happy your websites easily converts visitors into revenue.

Our Online Marketing Breakdown:seo-process-1

Keyword Selection

It is absolutely critical that we receive your keywords within 2-3 days so everything is going as planned and that project’s tasks are completed on time. * Choosing the correct keywords for your campaign is one of the most important steps before starting the SEO campaign.

Baseline Report

We send out a baseline report as a formality for our clients so they can see where they have started with us.  The report shows the position your keywords currently hold in the search engines at the time the report is conducted. We run the reports up to the 100th position, so the dash sign/s (–)   represents that you are not ranked within the first 10 pages for that particular keyword on the adjacent search engine.

On-Page Optimization

We initially begin website optimization for the search engines, which includes Title and Meta Tag development, ALT tags, Hyperlink optimization as well as a design and submission of a Sitemap to Google and Yahoo.

Off-Page Optimization

Linking is an ongoing process. The number of links depends on SEO plan that you have selected and will continue to boost your search engine rankings.

Google Analytic

Google analytic code is place on website to track the web traffic stats and source that is very useful to determine the web traffic that website is getting daily/monthly.

Google Local Submission

Submitting online business to Google local is another good way to get good and traffic to website. We need to submit business address, contact details to Google local listings and then we need to verify listing by post or by call.

Ranking Reports

Bi-weekly, we will send you a ranking report that will show you rank increases for your keywords with the three major search engines. Search engine rankings should consistently increase over time, although slight variations can occur due to unforeseen changes caused by search engine algorithm modifications and alterations in the competitive landscape.

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