Responsive Website Design – Ventagram

About Ventagram: 

Ventagram is a soon to be custom social networking platform which streamlines the way events are posted and shared. Ventagram allows people to take advantage of the social sharing technology that already exists and  helps turn their Gmail calendars into interactive calendars that can be shared,  promoted, and synced with other calendars – all in one place.

Web Design Services Provided:

Our team worked on created custom design pages, UX, UI, and all graphic design. We created over 20+ pages, including home page, about us, product page, variations of interactive  calendar designs, user profile page, subscription page, user sign up page and more. After all pages were designed, we had our front end html professional create all html pages.


Design Preview 

Our team prepared all the mockups, created  and designed all the custom  design pages from scratch, and ensured each page was then converted to HTML.


Project Details:





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