Shohoz- Transportation Ticket Reservation Platform

About the Website

Shohoz is an online transportation ticket reservation platform where people can easily purchase bus tickets and make reservations, making travel easy and convenient.  Shohoz is also an e-business that serves the entertainment industry for the sales of movie  and event tickets. The platform works seamlessly, and is ideal for quick online transactions.

Website Design & Technology

Moreover, we designed and developed this easy-to-use online bus ticket booking platform from scratch using the Laravel Framework. Our Senior Web designer utilized this rapid web development PHP framework to design and develop amazing web applications delivered at warp speed for Shohoz.

Specs & Features

Furthermore, we custom built features such as subscription subscription billing and made the process easy and  painless. We also provided access  to booking facility for tickets and extensive payment options; giving Shohoz website users a hassle free web experience.

Project Details:

MD - Senior Website Designer




Social Networking & Internet Startups , Ticket Reservation , Website Design , Website Development

Shohoz is an easy to use online bus ticket booking system built in Laravel Framework.