Evoneur Startup Platform- Create, Develop, and Finance Projects

The Evoneur startup platform provides a guided process & network of collaborators which operate on 3 tiers: the Developer, the Consultant, & the Financier.

startup platform

About the Platform

The Evoneur  startup platform is used by many entrepreneurs to launch their startups. This sophisticated platform provides a guided process and network of collaborators  for users to utilize. The Evoneur startup  platform helps entrepreneurs operate on three tiers: the developer, the consultant, and the financier. Most people have ideas that have the potential to succeed as businesses, and that’s exactly what the  Evoneur startup platform is here for.

Features and Specs

To help develop an idea  in to a viable online  business.With Evoneur, you can create a project for your idea with Evoneur’s patented Idea Development Process; Develop your Project into a viable business with help from other entrepreneurs; Finance your Project by connecting with financiers.

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Project Details:

MD - Senior Social Networking Programmer