Stuffay- Social Networking Mobile Application

Stuffay Is a Social Networking iPhone App

Stuffy app is custom content-sharing platform we developed from the ground up. It’s a great social media tool, and an amazing platform for sharing new products and stuff that you encounter. All you got to do is Stuff it!

Connect With Each Other and Share Products

Stuffay Allows Enthusiastic Consumers to Connect with One Another, Share Their Favorite Products and Browse for New and Popular Trends. With widely spread ecommerce sites and social media applications, Internet users are flocking to their handhelds and the web to share their thoughts on new purchases, products and services. Building on this time-honored tradition of sharing, Stuffay looks to combine a social media and ecommerce platform, adding a new dimension to both shopping and social networking.

Photo Filtering and Browse Content

Users simply snap a picture of their favorite product or service, utilize  a photo filtering feature on the app, and upload it for their fellow stuffers to see. Users can explore and browse content on a “Most Recent” or “Most Liked” feed, sharing posts via Facebook and Twitter if they choose to. A “Rising Stuffers” feed allows users to connect with the most active and upcoming stuffers, both locally and globally. Users can also filter content through a list of specific categories, allowing for a more personalized and individualized browsing of products.

Project Details:

Discovery & Consulting , mobile app design , mobile app development

Stuffay is a social networking mobile application started by a young group of entrepreneurs from New York City. Similar to Instagram, Stuffay allows users to share pictures, filter images, and engage in featuring cool products on their page.