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Our web design team at Syntelex initially set up a directory style website,  utilizing a WordPress platform. The owner of Weekenddocs decided that custom was the way to go, so we  designed and programmed the platform   from the ground up.

 A Few Platform Features:

  • Clean, sleek and responsive custom design
  • Search Doctor by ZIP and Specialty
  • Doctors have the ability to join and list their practice
  • Patients can run a quick and easy search for dedicated and qualified medical professionals
  • You can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online
  • Fill out forms online once which will be saved to your profile.
  • Quickly locate and contact your nearest emergency medical care center in case of emergency

In Greater Detail

From creating the appropriate mockups, to custom designing each page, to connecting our clients with the appropriate programming platform and language, our team has done it all. Here are some examples of our recent designs:

Project Details:







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The bustling city of New York epitomizes what it means to be busy professional, constantly on the go. As hard-working NYC professionals who often don’t have time to schedule a week-day visit to the doctor, our health should not subsequently suffer as a result! Professional medical services shouldn’t only be available to those who have some spare time during the week. With WeekendDocs, quality professional medical services required over the weekend are just one simple click away!