FlipDrive – Cloud Storage Client Software

One of Our Most Appraised Software Projects:

FlipDrive  is one of our most appraised website and platform design projects. When we say appraised, we mean that almost every client we have is fascinated by the quality of our work and the experience our team brings on board.  This client based software  adverted as an idea to the founders,  and our team is fortunate to have created this platfrom  from scratch. From the consulting, to the design and development of the social network, we did it all.  Flipdrive continues to be  one of our long term clients, and we have been working with them for the past 9 years.

About the Platform

More than Just a Best-Of-Class Online Cloud Storage Service 

FlipDrive  Online Cloud Storage Platform is your virtual data storage space, accessible from anywhere. FlipDrive was founded on a simple idea to allow people to easily store, access, work with, and share their data anytime – anywhere.

Unlike OneDrive, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive, Flipdrive allows you to securely store your files, contacts, photos, bookmarks, events, tasks and other information on FlipDrive.

Cutting Edge Cloud Storage Technology 

FlipDrive Online Cloud Storage  Platform offers the most technically advanced, yet easy to use cloud storage and data platform.  FlipDrive respects your privacy and will never sell, trade, or give away any of your persona information. There is no need to carry around memory cards, hard drives, CDs, or any other external storage devices. By uploading your data to FlipDrive, it goes wherever you go.

File and Media Sharing Capability

Share anything with anybody – on your own terms. Easily share large files which are too big for email and share entire folders. Concerned about privacy? So are we! Keep your data private and away from unwanted eyes, and share it privately with select group of people, set access permissions to give limited access to critical data.

Store all your data online in one convenient and secure location. Only FlipDrive allows you to store all your data (your documents, photos, and any other files, plus your contacts, favorite sites, daily tasks and events). All your data stored in one convenient location. There is no need to jump from website to website, to access different information, when you can do it all here at FlipDrive.

Features & Specs

Smart, powerful and easy to Use

We’ve spent countless hours developing our services to provide you with the best experience. Just like you, we value simplicity and usability, that’s why we’ll continue innovating to serve your even changing needs.

Secure File Storage & Backup

FlipDrive Online Cloud Storage securely stores and protects your data from any harm. While normal backup solutions are vulnerable to the same threats and attacks as your computer, FlipDrive safely keeps your data online, providing you with an truly secure offsite backup.

The FlipDrive  Online Cloud Storage Platform is fully web-based, so there is no software to download, and the website itself is easy to navigate and fuss-free. Visit Flipdrive today and sign up for a free account.

Project Details:



Discovery & Consulting , Platform , Website Development

FlipDrive is a New York City based internet start-our team helped design from scratch. Like DropBox, FlipDrive allows members to store, backup, access, & share data online in a secure location .