A Unique Medical Platfrom for Doctors & Patients

Health-Cloud platform is a cloud based platform for medical professionals and patients.

Health-Cloud Platform

About the Platform

Health-Cloud Platform is an online portal for doctors and patients. The health platform allows doctors to track appointments and patients to schedule visits conveniently and easily online.

Website Design & Technology

Furthermore, our senior developer built Health-Cloud using Node JS Sails Framework. Our choice of framework utilizes JavaScript as its programming language to build fast networking applications to meet the needs of doctors and patients on Health-Cloud platform. This web development framework is simple and fast to enable the rapid development of this platform and also to maintain high performance.

Specs & Features

We integrated a social networking design with the Health-Cloud platform to foster easy and fast interaction between doctors and patients. Our social networking solutions also ensured that patients’collected information is stored safely and securely in online cloud storage.

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Project Details:

Senior Web Design Team




Platform , Social Networking & Internet Startups

Health-Cloud platform is an online portal for doctors and patients.