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About the Website

J & A Health Services is a home care Agency located in Brooklyn, NY. Their commitment to home care comes with many years of experience serving people in need. Their home care team empower family and loved ones with the confidence that they are in the right hands.

Website Requirements and Project Demands

J & A Health Services needed a website up right away. They needed their company website up within a  48 hour time frame, and hired us to complete the job.   J  & A  had a very  important upcoming business meeting, and they needed to make sure that their website was looking  professional, sleek, and presentable.

Services Provided, Features, and Specs

Our team  took on the challenge to build J & A a website that fit their goals, their time limitation, and budget. After our free initial  consultation, we had the website up within 48 hours.

This included all the following services:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Affordable Domain Registration  and Monthly Website Hosting at
  • Website Design and Customization
  • All Content, Images, Text, and  Blogs
  • Facebook page and Video & Social Media Marketing
  • Connect with dedicated  hosting integrated with server
  • Website  optimization
  • Content for all website pages,  articles, and blog posts ( ongoing)
  • Installation of  all required forms for users and members to access
  • Backend support
  • Website security & maintenance ( ongoing).

J & A Health Services were 100% satisfied with our services and continue to utilize our  services. For a free consultation, please contact us here or call us at (212)-882-1096.

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J & A Home Care Services needed a website within 48 hours. We successfully launched the website within 24 hours.