Discovery Process

The Discovery process helps our team identify your wants, needs, and  short term and long term goals – as well as your ultimate  mission.

The Discovery Process Involves the following:

  • Idea
  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Specification
  • Scope
  • Preparation
Planning your idea for success

Planning Helps Create a Smooth Process Flow

Helping You Plan Your Idea

The first step in the discovery process involves a detail oriented approach to exploring your wants, needs, and prospective business goals. Our team works to create a vision and a set of shared smart goals & objectives… Read More

Defining your website project goals

Helping us  Understand Your Goals is Essential

Defining Your Goals

When defining your project goals, we usually ask What are you trying to accomplish, what is the driving force leading your efforts, reasons for and  Why are you embarking on this journey…Read More

Strategy, Website Specifications, & Documentation

For Every 5 hours of Programming, we Spend 1 Hour to Document

Setting Your Strategy

This is where our team brainstorms and  assesses all hard data, soft data, and information that is on the table. Subsequently,  we set out the blueprint for the design and development of your website… Learn More

Specifications and Functionality

This Stage is Used to Jot Down all Requirements and Website Features

Technical Specifications and Core Functionality

We layout which technology would be best to use for your website and the recommended website architecture so that your website will have the ability to support any additional future functionality…Learn More

Project Size and Scope of Work

How Big is Your Poroject, and How Long Will it Take to Make

Size and Scope of Work

Here our team assesses the type of work we will be doing, the scope of the design, the scale of development, and the amount of time it would take to implement your website, social network, social platform, web based software, interface etc… Learn More

Design, Preparation, Revisions, & Implementation

This is Where We Prepare your Mockup, Make Changes, and Start to Program

Design, Preparation, and Implementation

We begin by first preparing all the necessary materials. All drawing, sketches, mockups, layouts, and color schemes are prepared and used as references for the creation of the design for your website… Learn More

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