Alternative Work Strategies for Startups – Affordable Co-working Spaces in New York

One of our start-ups just recently decided to transition form a professional spacious office, to an affordable co-working space in New York City. They realized that as a start-up they needed to be in an environment where they could connect with other start-ups, share resources, and most importantly network- and they aren’t the only ones adjusting to the trend. With the soaring office prices in Manhattan and the shrinking of cubic space, co-working spaces are becoming the next hot choice for New York City Start-ups.

In a nutshell, co-working spaces are a special blend of shared office spaces- it’s a type of social network where start-ups meet and share resources, network, and receive a valuable educational experience. co-working starts with what I call the big C – Community. That community is comprised of entrepreneurs, students, leaders, graduates, enthusiasts, technologists, and regular people who have an idea or business they want to expand and flourish.


How can you benefit from a co-working space?

  • Co-working spaces cost much less than a private office
  • Businesses can connect, share ideas & valuable resources
  • Access to conference rooms, internet lounge,  free WiFi, and free coffee
  • Educational Resources, Business Resources & networking events

Our Top 4 picks-

Here’s a list we compiled of the top 4 co-working spaces in New York City.  * Note that most of these co-working spaces have multiple locations


#1- Projective Space (affordable price and unlimited access):

Conveniently located at 447 Broadway, Projective Space offers communal space starting at 350, desk space at 450, unlimited conference room usage, and 24 hour access.

Amenities: fresh coffee, black & white + color prints, event space, high speed internet, 24/7 access, mail + package handling, etc. We don’t offer phone service but you are welcome to use your own phone.

For more info contact: Megan Mallow, Director, L.E.S.  Cell: 512.585.5375.  Email:


#2- Green Spaces ( affordable price &  unlimited access):

Green Spaces is yet another affordable Co-working space located at 394 Broadway. Prices here start at 350/month, with 24/7 Access.  The only downturn here is that you can only use the conference room 5 hour per month.

Amenities:  Wi-Fi,  coffee,  and private mailbox, competitive color printing, weekly networking events, referral network, laptop lounge, and intern program (provides your company with recruitment and management of interns for project work).


# 3- General Assembly (reputable & long waiting list):

Located at 447 Broadway, General Assembly has a great reputation for helping start-ups. There’s only one problem-  there’s a large waiting list and it’s almost impossible to get space with them.  Please visit this website to learn more:


# 4- wework  ( Affordable  virtual space): 

Located at 154 Grand St, wework helps entrepreneurs, freelancers & small businesses succeed. They offer great co-working space starting at 500 dollars a month and virtual office space for 100 dollars a month.

More information can be found on their website at

Amenities:  internet & WiFi, unique interior design & finishes, conference rooms, coffee, B+W / color prints, copy and scan, weekly events.


 To search through a variety of co-working Spaces in New York City  or worldwide please visit : or

For New York City initiatives and incubators please visit: