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Startup Business Funding and Resources – Ready, Set, Launch!

As a Startup, The Odds Will Always be Stacked Against You Let’s face it, more than 90 percent of start-ups in New York City fail after the first few years. There are many startups  which attempt to solve a particular problem for consumers, and provide...
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Gust – All in One Platform for Internet Startups

Don’t Know Where to Start to Look for Funding? Have a Great Idea and Looking for the Right Investors? Gust helps startups in New York City and in other cities all across the world connect with startup resources all in one place. Looking for an accelerator...
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Apple Arkit’s Massive Potential

As Apple my still be chugging through the phase of developer betas, it has been gaining lots of traction in the developer community. A lot of project developers have been building for the company’s ArKit augmented reality platform for iOS. It’s a...
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Cracking The The Crowdfunding Market – US Equity Crowdfunding Market

President Obama signed a bill into law regarding  the Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups bill – also known as the JOBS act. This move has been labeled as the potential game changer for businesses in need of financing. The bill unlocked the promise...
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Small Business Website Start-up Marketing Guide

Marketing рlаnѕ аrе an іmреrаtіvе part оf ѕtаrtіng аnу buѕіnеѕѕ. Thеу are used as a bluерrіnt for mарріng оut thе mаnnеr іn whісh you wіll bе able to асhіеvе your buѕіnеѕѕ goals. A marketing plan іѕ...
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UI Animation Tutorial

Designing a UI interface with animation and transitions in mind is a great way to plan a better user experience (UX) for your next app. Animated micro-interactions are the perfect way to stimulate user engagement, in a world of short attention spans....
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Ventagram- Changing the Way, We Set a Date (Coming Soon)

As you can probably relate, if you have passions or hobbies that you are involved in, often times this means checking Facebook, checking meet-up, adding it to your calendar and then sharing on social media.  It becomes a daunting process just to go to...
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Stuffay- Fascinating Social Networking Mobile Application

Stuffay  mobile application for iPhone is finally out! For all you guys that been waiting, you can download this app for free.  With Stuffay, you can explore life through shopping, empowering members and those you’re curious about to communicate...
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Building His Company From Home- Teenager Sells His Mobile Application to Yahoo For 30 Million

Only a few months in the game, British teenager will be the next millionaire for a unique mobile application concept he brought to life working straight out of his home. Nick D’Aloisio, the 17 year old CEO agreed to sell his one of a kind application...
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Great Opportunity for Business Startups in NYC – Chance To Win 10,000 Dollars

What would you do if you had an extra 10,000 for your Startup? Would you expand your team? Would you get a bigger office? or would you hire a development team to build out your website or online service? On Deck Capital, an organization that provides...
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