Bridgit – Anti-bullying Solution

Bridgit – Anti-bullying Solution

About Bridgit:

Bridgit  is a unique online anti bullying conflict resolution system provided to create safe schools and environments where students can thrive. The Bridgit School Resource Center contains hundreds of expert-curated resources that promote restorative approaches that positively impact student behavior.

Bridgit School is compliant with the current federal and state statutes, regulations and best practices regarding digital data storage and communication. The solution also allows schools to easily satisfy compliance requirements for state bullying reporting.

Our team assisted Bridg-it with developing the online anti bullying  platform. With a curated resource center of proven best practices in restorative techniques, Bridg-it anti bullying platform  enables teachable moments and the opportunity for positive outcomes after every reported event and  comprehensive Report, Review, and Resolve process to address community conflict.

Services Syntelex Provided:

Consulting, full scale design and development  of the platform.

Project Details:





Discovery & Consulting , Website Design , Website Development

Bridg-IT is an incident management solution for schools, where students, faculty and parents can instantly and confidentially alert school administrators of problematic behavior via any web-enabled device. Review, respond, and track progress of reported problems all in one place. Involved parties can get alerts instantly, allowing them to take action and responsibility.