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Smart Phone Sales and Important Tips on Why Your Business Should go Mobile

Mobile Device Sales and Web Browsing Nowadays, mobile web browsing is becoming more popular and  taking place on Smartphones and other mobile devices.  With the latest drop in prices for mobile devices for Iphone and  Samsung,  more people are finding...
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Improving User Experience Through the Utilization of Loading Animations

The “Throbber” and It’s Usage Originally known as a throbber, a loading animation is used to indicate the progress of data recollection or interface rendering.Today, a well-crafted animation leveraging CSS, jQuery, or simple animated...
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Ventagram- Changing the Way, We Set a Date (Coming Soon)

As you can probably relate, if you have passions or hobbies that you are involved in, often times this means checking Facebook, checking meet-up, adding it to your calendar and then sharing on social media.  It becomes a daunting process just to go to...
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Internet Week in New York City – Welcoming Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies

Here’s a chance to present your idea or internet startup company in New York City. Present your idea to a panel of  leaders and have a chance  to stand out and be part of Internet Week New York. Here’s a list of categories they are accepting: Big...
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