Smart Phone Sales and Important Tips on Why Your Business Should go Mobile

Mobile Device Sales and Web Browsing Nowadays, mobile web browsing is becoming more popular and  taking place on Smartphones and other mobile devices.  With the latest drop in prices for mobile devices for Iphone and  Samsung,  more people are finding...
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Catching The Public Eye – Billion Dollar Startup Success Story

5 years ago, an entrepreneur started his first internet startup company in San Francisco. A few years later, his startups started to service 311 cities in 58 countries. That startup is  known as Uber At the touch of a button, Uber is consistantly utilized...
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Top 9 Website Design Tips For Small Businesses

Websites are now becoming more and more important for businesses Websites have been one of the most effective tools in marketing businesses nowadays.  Creating that first website  has become the norm, especially for businesses who want to extend their...
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Bitcoin – Was it a DDOS attack or spike in traffic?

Bitcoin – Was it a DDOS attack or spike in traffic? Bitcoin went down not because of a DDOS Attack, but because of a spike in traffic and an excessive amount of new signups. This is one of the reasons why Syntelex puts so much emphasis on server...
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New York City Business Innovation Challenge- Chance To Win Up To 125,000 Dollars

Aside from all the news about Facebook becoming more mobile, and the news in New York about Bloomberg considering a software that would allow real-time monitoring of taxis. A more enthralling innovation has come to light with the intention of helping...
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Great Opportunity for Business Startups in NYC – Chance To Win 10,000 Dollars

What would you do if you had an extra 10,000 for your Startup? Would you expand your team? Would you get a bigger office? or would you hire a development team to build out your website or online service? On Deck Capital, an organization that provides...
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